Acne and Your Next Job Interview- What to Do

Job InterviewFor a person applying for a job, the job interview is considered as one of the most challenging hurdles that should be faced. Job interviews are a perfect opportunity for both the person applying for the job, and the Human Resource Officer who is tasked to recruit and appraise employees. For the HR, the job interview is the perfect opportunity to learn more the application, and discover his strengths and how he will fit into the organizational culture. This is the reason why the HR taps into a number of interview approaches to ensure that the potential employee can be appraised on a number of counts, in different ways. And for the job applicant, the job interview serves as the best platform to advertise himself, and make him stand out from the crowd. So the challenge for many job applicants is to learn how to put the best step forward, and make an impression.

Unfortunately, this is one challenge that’s failed by many job applicants. And for job applicants suffering from low confidence due to acne and other skin problems, the problem is even more serious. If some of the latest surveys and studies are to be believed, acne or even a scar on the face can affect your chances of landing the job!

Acne, skin scar can affect your confidence and job application

According to researchers from the University of Houston and Rice University, your looks and the presence of acne or scars can greatly affect your job interview performance. In order to come up with these results, the researchers conducted mock interviews with job applicants with and without scars or marks on their faces. Although no signs of biases or discrimination were noted on these mock interviews, the researchers found out that the interviewers were seemed affected or at least distracted by the scars. And because of these distractions, the applicants with scars or acne registered less positively with the HR in charge. In short, the HR assigned remembered less about the positive qualifications, and more about the distractions.

Take control of your looks

This research only validates what others believed for the longest possible time, that one’s looks have a say in success. And in job interviews, this can serve as a liability. Instead of focusing the attention on the qualifications and the best attributes of the job applicant, the HR in charge will often focus his attention to the distractions. So where does this lead the job applicant? If you are a job applicant, then you need to instantly take action. If you think that acne is ruining your look and self confidence, act on it by considering a number of anti-acne solutions like apple cider vinegar. You can also work with a dermatologist to find the right over-the-counter and topical treatment solutions that can work against acne. You need to do research and do your homework before facing the HR, and one way to make it happen is to cleanse your facial skin.