Battery Life Issues on Smart Door Locks that You Should Take Note

The battery life of a smart door lock plays a critical role in its overall performance; this is why you need to take note of battery life issues on most smart door locks today.

Have you encountered problems with your smart keypad door lock recently? You should check its battery first.

In most cases, the reason why an electronic door lock would stop working is due to battery issues and some underlying causes. So, to figure out what is wrong with your Kwikset Smartkey keypad and lock, here are a few battery issues on smart door locks that you should take note of:

Issue #1: Battery life easily runs out

Most of the smart lock doors today are operated with batteries that can last up to a year with an estimated 10 uses per day. However, the expectancy of battery life may reduce due to several underlying reasons; these include the following:

  • Door lock misalignment

The common reason for a battery to drain easily is because of the door lock misalignment. The resistance from locking and unlocking the door can shorten the battery life since the motor that drives the lock mechanism uses more power for latching. So, make sure to have your smart door lock reinstalled to maximize the door lock’s battery life. There is a step by step guide that you can use to have the lock reinstalled or you may call a professional.

  • Door lock becomes ‘warped’

A door lock becomes ‘warped’ or difficult to budge when it is exposed to temperature changes and humidity. Thus, when this happens, the motor tries to work hard to perform which could lead to a reduction of battery life. If this happens, have your door lock reinstall and find out the best way to install the smart door lock for the warped door.

Issue #2: The battery drains just for a day

If you have tried to reinstall the lock and carefully checked the alignment of the door lock, but the battery still drains within a day of use, which means the lock itself needs to be replaced. If this is the issue, you need to talk to a professional and have your lock replaced with a reliable one just like Kwikset Smartkey Keypad and Lock.

Issue #3: New batteries do not work

A door lock that does not work even with newly installed batteries often caused by improper installation of batteries. If the batteries are not connected properly to the terminals, the lock won’t respond. So, make sure to connect it properly, even if you need to redo the installation of the batteries. However, if the procedure is still not working, you need to contact a professional or the smart door lock’s customer service.

Final Thoughts

Smart door locks may have glitches here and there, but compared to its benefits as it heightens your security at home, these glitches are small and can be remedied. All you need to do is find out the root cause of the problem and look for reliable posts like this for useful troubleshooting advice.