Best Guide on Different Types of Tents

Whether we are heading into the woods or up a snow-capped mountain, the tent we pack is one of the most important pieces of camping gear. But tents come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, making it difficult to decide which one is best for our purpose.

When shopping for a tent, we should consider the following types of tents:

  • Family tents are larger tents that can accommodate families and their gear. But don’t buy a family tent for long hiking trips where extra ounces can make a huge difference. Instead, they are great for camping trips where there will no long-distance hiking.
  • Instant Tents are the best options for a quick easy tour; these tents use poles that slide up and down with a locking mechanism that will snap into place when the poles are at the appropriate height. For the best instant tent review, you have to read this.
  • Tarp Tent is the simplest form of a tent made using a sheet of material that is draped with guy ropes but can also use poles. They are very popular with hikers because of their lightweight and simple design. Also, because of this basic design, they don’t offer much protection from the weather or bugs.
  • Cabin Tents are super popular for family camping trips as they are a small home that can be packed up placed in your trunk. Construction is very simple using poles that angle and snap together creating the framework. Also, they can come in an instant tent-style, making them a snap to set up and are designed with room dividers providing a family member with their own private space. Cabin tents are large designs and great headroom make them a comfortable choice for long family camping tours.
  • Hammock Tents are durable hammocks with a screen covering for protection from insects. Also, some hammock tents have rain-fly, making them a great option for casual treks.
  • The A-Frame is the classic looking tent and has a triangular shape that can be associated with the letter ‘A’ because of the way it looks. They are pretty classic model but are great because of their timeless design and simplicity.
  • Tunnel tents are pretty unique with their tunnel like design and are great family tentsdue to the spacious layout with minimum wasted space. They are designed with looping poles that create the tunnel shape tent and are secured with guy ropes. Also known to withstand pretty harsh weather and do great in moderately high winds. But, we need to make sure having good quality strong guy lines as they are what will keep the tent secure.
  • Tee-Pee is a traditional tent, shaped like Native American houses, but over the years they have been adapted for modern camping purposes. The designs remained the same as past, but now are offered usually in a canvas or polyester material. They are great tents; the teepee can be a good option to try something a little different.

Now after going through all the types of Tents, one can surely decide on purchasing the right tent for his camping purposes.