Best Reasons Why You Should Spend Time in Sauna Once or Thrice a Week

Not everyone finds it interesting spending time in a secluded room, especially when it is hot – just like a sauna. But did you know that spending time twice or thrice a week in the sauna has a lot of advantages, especially to your health?

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Are you still asking why waste time in a sauna when you can just work out to lose weight and eliminate toxins from the body through sweat? Well, here are the top best reasons to convince yourself to spend time in the sauna at least twice or thrice a week:

Reason #1: It helps protect the heart

According to a Finnish study, sauna bathing has the ability to reduce the risk of acquiring heart attacks by 63 percent – which is a significant number to ponder.

More studies have pointed out that taking sauna bath twice or thrice a week at 174 degrees Fahrenheit will reduce the risk of acquiring Fatal Cardiovascular Diseases; this is because the heat coming from the sauna helps relax the blood vessels, thus, improving the blood circulation, keeping the heart healthy all times.

Moreover, gym buffs should also consider taking a sauna bath after an extensive workout because it helps improve arterial compliance, which makes the arteries healthier, reducing the risk of acquiring CVDs.

Reason #2: It helps reduce stress

As the heat from the sauna helps improve blood circulation, it also helps the muscle to relax and stimulate the release of dopamine and beta-endorphins – hormones that causes euphoria, sense of calmness, and responsible with a person’s mood, energy, and tolerance to pain. This is also one of the reasons why a person who spends some time in a sauna comes out of it refreshed and relaxed.

Reason #3: It helps relax the muscles and reduce muscle and joint pain

As mentioned, the body is triggered to release endorphins under high heat via a sauna, which helps relax the muscles and reduce the muscle and joint pain. Moreover, the sauna helps improve the blood circulation via dilatation of blood vessels; thus, with improved blood circulation, it also improves the body’s healing process.

Reason #4: It flushes out the toxins

Body sweat, according to the studies, is mostly composed of water; although there are traces of minerals, lactate, urea, and trace metals, that’s a small amount compared to almost 99 percent water. This means, there are less but insignificant to no percentage of toxins that comes out of the body through sweat unless it is deep sweating. Deep sweating is different from the usual body sweat; it is achieved via sauna’s heat, where it helps the core body’s temperature to rise, improving the blood circulation, allowing the blood to move towards the skin surface, thus, releasing the toxins through deep sweat.

These toxins can be in the form of lead, zinc, copper, nickel, mercury, and other acquired chemicals found in the environment.

You see, there are a lot of advantages with taking a sauna bath at least twice or thrice a week.