Compression Socks: Why Nurses Need Them

1The work of a nurse requires prolonged standing and miles of walking. On top of that, expect a lot of pain and soreness too. You may end up asking your husband doing all the foot rubs and though this will give you more bonding times together, you would rather have painless legs during your shift. Well, you need not suffer that much since you can always prevent leg pains with the use of compression socks. And nurses can read about the benefits of using compression socks on this article.


Compression socks and their benefits may not be taught in schools but these are among the things that you have to discover in the duration of your work. But at least you have the idea what these are since you are introduced to it already when you studied post-op care. You have known that compression socks or hose are effective tools in the prevention of blood clot formation by promoting circulation. But the most important thing to know is, this is important for you too.


Why would you be wearing compression socks though? Well, as mentioned, your work is hard and challenging. It can be stressful for both body and mind. Soreness can be minimized with the use of compression socks since it helps oxygen and blood flow healthily in your circulation. Since lactic acid build-up will be prevented, pain can be avoided as well.


Nurses can work as long as 12 hours per day. This means going home with sore legs. You can elevate your legs and allow someone to give you a foot rub. But why allow yourself to go the harder way when there is an easy way out? Wouldn’t it be better to avoid foot rub and painful legs altogether? With compression socks, swelling can be avoided. And this means giving you more comfort as well.


If you stand for a long period of time, you have greater risks of developing varicose veins since the blood will pool in your veins, causing them to stretch and enlarge. If you don’t do anything about it, you will end up having legs having the same aftermath with that of a blueberry pancake. You have the option to ignore the need of wearing these socks and look fashionable but suffer from spider veins that will surely look awful. You can also wear the socks, regardless if this ruins your fashion style and still keep your legs flawless and free from varicose veins.


The advantage of wearing compression socks is the ability to choose your favorite color. They come in various patterns and colors and don’t worry; hospitals won’t reprimand you for wearing neon colored socks. Hence, you have the opportunity to loosen up a bit by playing with the colors of your socks that you wear every day. They are hidden under your scrub suits so they wouldn’t call much attention but they can be great expressions of your style. And they are great additions to your get-up to help increase your confidence while wearing them.