Different Weight Benches and Weights

Weight lifting is the most common exercise that people take part in when at the gym. Most companies sell their weight benches and weights separately. You might get lucky and be offered a set of free trial weights when you purchase a weight bench. It is important to note that there are different types of weight benches and you should have the respective type of weight when using them.

There are some weight benches that do not require the use of any weights at all. For example, the abdominal weight bench is designed into an inclined plain and you will simply use your own body weight to build resistance by performing crunches. You can get this type of weight bench and many more here https://musclekiss.com/best-folding-weight-bench-models-for-a-home-gym/.

There are two types of weights that you can use for toning and strengthening your set of muscles. There is the weight machines and free weights. Free weights are not constrained to any equipment and are therefore portable. For example, barbells and dumb bells. Weight machines are usually affixed to an apparatus by cables or levers. You will just pull a bar that is attached to a cable and the weights are on the other side. The major downfall of weight machines is they are constricted to one kind of movement.

Many people prefer using free weights because they are more versatile, easier to use and are not constrained to one purpose and apparatus. It is possible to do many types of exercises using a small set of free weights. That’s not all, free weights are cheap.

The best type of weight bench that you should get if you are planning to use free weights is a flat bench. It is possible to adjust to different types of positions when weight lifting on a flat bench. You can lift barbells when laying supine. It is also possible to lift the dumb bells when siting on one side of the bench with your elbows propped on your knees. Another great position you can try is standing on one side with one leg kneeling on the flat bench and lifting the dumb bells with one of your palms.

You can also try out a preacher curl bench when using free weights. This type of bench is usually designed into an inclined plane. You can drape your arms over the table and rest perfectly when weight lifting. This position is ideal for isolation of biceps and you can use it perfectly when lifting weights.

As stated earlier, choosing the right combination of weights and weight benches is essential for people that want to stay fit and in good shape. It is important to note that there everyone has a unique body type and therefore you should choose a set of combination that will help you achieve your weight training desires. You can start with a set of rubber encased weights and a flat bench if you are a beginner. Once you get to the pro level, you can switch to heavy duty barbells and a preacher curl weight bench.