Everything you’ll Love about Alpine Swiss Dress Shoes

Shoes come in varying designs and styles. From the simple, minimalist fashion to trendy, vibrant colors, you can easily find one in the market. But despite these options, many men always turn to the classic Oxford shoes.

Oxford shoe is a timeless dress shoe design, which originated in Scotland and Ireland, where this footwear design is called Balmorals after the Balmoral Castle. It is later named as Oxford shoes after Oxford University, where the shoes gained popularity in 1800.

Owning a pair of high-quality Oxford dress shoes is enough since it is very versatile footwear. You can wear it to work, business gatherings, and even on formal occasions. It is unlike traditional sleek dress shoes that only apply to black-tie events. Several Oxford dress shoe designs are suitable for both formal gatherings and casual meetings.

So, would you like to get a pair of Oxford dress shoes?

One of the best-seller and crowd favorite Oxford shoes today is Alpine Swiss Men’s Oxford dress shoes. Many admire the exceptional quality and aesthetic appeal of these dress shoes. And, certainly an excellent choice if you are searching for an affordable pair of dress shoes.

Now, what is there to love about this dress shoes? Come, and find out more about it below.

#1 Luster that Lasts All Day Long

The Alpine Swiss Men’s Oxford shoes are no doubt a handsome pair of footwear. The shoes came from faux leather, which is a material known for its high gloss and long-lasting luster. Hence, you can wear it every day and Alpine Swiss will still look good as new.

If you are aiming for footwear with great visual appeal, you can’t go wrong with this Alpine Swiss dress shoes.

#2 Scuff Resistance

The elegant and stylish look of this pair of shoes is the only one of its many admirable features. This footwear is also scuff resistant.

The shoe is rugged to prevent cracking and tarnishing. This feature is the reason why Alpine Swiss can preserve its glossy surface.

#3 Comfortable Fit

One of the reasons why some men are not fond of wearing dress shoes is that some of these types of footwear are uncomfortable to wear. The advantage with Alpine Swiss dress shoes is the genuine leather interior lining it has and neat lacing. These features assure a comfortable fit around the ankles and heel, helping you to walk easily and surely.

#4 Impressive Traction

The shoes have a rubber sole and soft heel support to provide great traction. Moreover, the shoes offer good arch support using their high cut heels. It reduced the risk of accidents such as slipping on slick floors.

#5 Lightweight

No one would like to wear a pair of dress shoes that are too heavy. It limits your mobility and stability.

The Alpine Swiss dress shoes are lightweight footwear. It is comfortable to use, allowing you to move gracefully.


In a nutshell, Alpine Swiss Oxford dress shoes are a great choice if you need a high-quality, durable, and stylish footwear for all occasions.

But if you are searching for more alternatives, no worries! The Comfortable Dress Shoes can guide you to the best Oxford dress shoes in the market this year.