Finding the Perfect Kitchen Aid for Perfectly-Cooked Rice

The cooking and eating of rice is mostly identified with Asian countries. In fact, rice is considered a staple food in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, and Malaysia. It’s never missing from the table of families living in the previously mentioned countries, which explains why a rice cooker is one of the most popular kitchen appliances in such homes. That doesn’t mean, though, that only Asians ever eat rice. Almost everybody eats rice; it’s just that it’s the staple food crop Asians eat.

Needless to say, it’s always a good idea to have a rice cooker and warmer in your kitchen even if you only eat rice on occasion. If you don’t have one yet, you best start looking for one and reading online reviews to see which brands perform well based on customer testimonies. There are many brands out there, but the Zojirushi NP-HCC10XH won’t disappoint. Here are a few reasons why it’s worth checking out:

  • It’s sized perfectly right for a small family, which erases the fear of overcooking.
  • It can cook several varieties of rice – sushi rice, risotto, steamed rice, etc.
  • It’s programmable so you’re sure the rice will cook nicely.
  • It has easy one-touch controls for hassle-free rice cooking. You can sit back and relax or concentrate on other stuff while the rice is cooking, and you never have to worry that it will burn.
  • It uses induction heating technology, which means rice will cook evenly.
  • It’s easy to clean and maintain. The inner pan is made of a non-stick material, so cleaning up is a breeze.
  • It’s made in Japan, and you know how well Japanese technology performs.
  • It’s automatic so you will not have to watch over it as it cooks the rice.
  • It keeps rice warm.

The Zojirushi brand of rice cookers and warmers is known for standard features and inclusions. There’s always a measuring cup that comes with each purchase, as well as a non-stick spatula with a stand. What’s noteworthy about Zojirushi rice cookers is the spherical design of the bowl and the heating technology employed, which ensure heat is evenly distributed while the rice is being cooked.

Moreover, while you will need to measure the rice and water manually, the intelligent technology of a Zojirushi rice cooker ensures you will get the right cooking temperature, as well as cooking time, every time.

Truth be told, the Zojirushi is a tad more expensive than other brands. Nevertheless, the ability to cook rice perfectly while using an appliance that’s as close to perfect as it can get more than makes up for the price. If you’re someone who can’t live without rice or if you love cooking rice dishes, then this is the best rice cooker and warmer for you. Not many rice cooker and warmer brands can hold a candle to the Zojirushi, so if you want a solid kitchen appliance that gets its job done, look no further. Spend your money wisely on this, and you’ll never regret your decision.