How Solar Attic Fans Makes Upstairs Living More Comfortable

While upstairs living provides privacy, it can become uncomfortable due to heat. During the summer season, living in an upstairs room is not the best idea. It can get too warm during the day and even at night. As a result, you sweat a lot and it is impossible to sleep.

A poorly ventilated upstairs room quickly heats up during warm weather. The sun beats down the roof and heats the attic. Since attics have minimal ventilation, the heat tends to buildup in the space causing the temperature to significantly rise.

You can get rid of the discomfort of the upstairs room by improving its ventilation. You can install an AC unit or a PV fan perhaps. But among these choices, the most ideal and practical solution is installing a solar attic fan.

How Does Solar Attic Fans Work? 

During warm weather, the sun heats the stagnant air in the attic, which results in rising room temperature. Though attics have passive ventilation, it does not provide enough pressure to push warm air out of the room.

The function of a solar attic fan is to support better air circulation inside the space. It forces the warm air out of the room while letting the cool air in. By enhancing the room’s ventilation, the temperature will eventually go down.

Take note that solar attic fans do not rely on commercial electricity and fuel. It depends on the sun as a source of power and energy. Solar attic fans have photovoltaic panels that collect sunlight, and then it transforms into power. The power in storage runs the fan motor and increases air movement.

The increased air circulation from the pressure of solar attic fans replaces the hot air with cool air. In a matter of minutes, the attic space temperature will decrease up to 40 degrees.

Is it Worth the Money? 

Some household owners have differing opinions about solar attic fan – some believe it is effective in improving air circulation, while others are apprehensive.

Take into account that solar attic fans vary in size, capacity, build, and features. Expect that some of the solar-powered attic fans in the market might not be compatible with your room. That is why before buying, experts suggest doing plenty of research, like reading this unbiased top 5 solar attic fans reviews. By learning the unit’s technical details, you can avoid spending money on items that are incompatible with your attic space.

The market offers a myriad of solar attic fans. A smart buyer will consider the features and differences of these units. For instance, if you have a large attic space, then the best option for you is a solar attic fan with bigger room capacity and higher power. Also, consider units with robust build and weather-resistant. Likewise, mind your budget as you keep on browsing for the best solar attic fan to buy.

Where to Find Help? 

If you want to learn more about solar attic fans, make sure to consult reliable online sources. You can go to the Solar Guide Light to check out the latest updates on solar attic fans.