How to Properly Spray Paint Your Cabinets?

Are you satisfied with the design of your cabinets?

How about its color?

Well, instead of buying new cabinets, you might want to change its color instead. That could probably save you a lot.

New cabinets are expensive and are only made of particle board — which are really cheap. It might be best that you repaint your old cabinet to give it a modern and fresh look.

Are you planning to spray paint your kitchen?

Just don’t overdo it because it can create a mess. Other people say that the time you spend on spray painting equals to the time that you spend when you choose to roll and brush paint your cabinet.

However, we definitely don’t agree with that because it’s different in our case.

You can finish it in a jiffy if you know how to properly do it.

  1. Remove the drawers and doors

Before starting the painting process, you should remove its doors and drawers first. After removing the knobs and hinges, it’s best that you label the backside of every door so you’ll know where it should go after the paint job. You can stick a piece of tape over the number labels.

If you want, you can also remove the whole drawer. But of course, you can still do the job by just removing the drawer fronts. To keep the paint from blowing in, you can insert a piece of tape on the space around the drawers.

  1. Masking is a must

Masking might be a complicated job but it’s crucial to ensure that you’ll achieve the best-looking spray-painted cabinet.

To become successful in the masking job, you’ll need the proper tools and supplies — which could also save you time.

Use masking tape and masking tools to finish the job quicker. It can be very useful especially if you’re going to paint a huge cabinet.

Moreover, it might be best that you use red rosin paper to cover your kitchen floors instead of drop cloths that can be blown around due to the spray gun’s pressure.

Wondering where you can get this product?

You can get it at any home improvement shop near you — buy three-foot rolls of this kitchen covering tool.

Once you have a red rosin paper, you should paste it on the floor up to the bottom of the cabinets.

All of your appliances should be covered with plastic — make sure to tape around the edges to ensure that you avoid over-spray from blowing under your appliances.

You might want to be extra careful with your dishwasher. We highly recommend that you open it first and place tape along the door sides to keep them paint-free.

If you have low hanging lights in your work area, you might also want to cover them with plastic.

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