How to Recognize Acts if it is Workplace Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment at workplace is a sensitive topic within and outside borders of United States of America; despite everyone’s determination to stop this offensive action, 19 percent of American adult had experienced and still experiencing sexual harassment at workplace.

But how do you spot a sexual harassment at the workplace?

The EEOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission had described sexual harassments as:

  • Unwelcoming sexual advances
  • Sexual favors
  • Verbal sexual harassment
  • Physical sexual harassment
  • Threatening the victim

Sexual harassment can cause the victim to lose his or her confidence at work and feel powerless.

However, even with the formal description, determining whether an act can be considered as sexual harassment is still tough especially if these actions are too subtle to consider as sexual innuendos. Nevertheless, this article has condensed all reliable reviews and testimonies related to sexual harassment at workplace. So, here are some ways on how to recognize an act if it is already a workplace sexual harassment:

1. Repeated instances of:

  • Getting remarks and comments about the victim’s appearance that is sexual in nature.
  • Offensive and sexually provocative when touching the victim.
  • Sending pictures and messages that is offensive and explicit.

2. Subtle sexual innuendos:

  • Standing too close to you and talks to you intimately.
  • Asking about your life that is too personal, for instance, your sexual experiences.
  • Staring at you in sexual nature that makes you feel very uncomfortable.
  • Keeps on talking to you about sex-related topics.

3. The Quid Pro Quo stance

The Quid Pro Quo often involves employees of lower position and higher position in the office. It is defined as “something for something” or “something in exchange for something”; this often happens when the boss requests something that is sexual in nature to his or her victim in exchange for the employee’s position or employment.

Workplace sexual harassment often pulls down the victim’s confidence, the reason to work hard, productivity, trust to his or her colleagues, and more; which is the reasons why, if you spot workplace sexual harassment, you have to take action, even if you are trying to break a big wall.

To help you out, here are some ideas how to stop workplace sexual harassment:

  • Talk to someone – Do not keep these types of problems by yourself. Try to talk to a reliable supervisor; however, if your boss is the perpetrator, try to talk to someone that is knowledgeable about the legal process. If you are currently suffering from it, then you must click here for a faster way out from that kind of nightmare.
  • Carefully list down the entire incidents that you consider as forms of sexual harassments.
  • Act smartly; be ready for promises, bribes, and threats. Perpetrators will do anything to get way out of the mess they have created; so, be strong.
  • Talk to your colleagues that have been sexually harassed by the same person; the more complainants the better.
  • Look for a new job that can help you forget and start as a new leaf.
  • Do not stop until you get your justice done.