How to Select Your Camping Trowel

I am not new in the world of tranquility in a serene natural habitat, I can therefore confidently guide you on a number of camping trips. Listening to birds hymns, watching the beauty of the sun, experiencing the cold fresh vagrant breezes and interacting with nature by the still lakeside, are some of the real refreshing encounters I have had a couple to times before. Whether or not your planned camping will be the first experience, you will need a camping trowel. Before I proceed further, I don’t want to assume that you know what you will use your camping trowel for. Since your natural orientation dictates that you poop at least a few times during camping, it will help you dig a hole to bury your poop so that there isn’t inappropriate evidence of it.

Types of camping trowels

The backpacking trowels are made from a variety of materials and come in several shapes and sizes. This necessitates choice for optimum results. If you have little information on factors to consider, there isn’t any reason to worry. In this article, you will learn all you need to make the right choice. It’s important to recognize that the type of trowel you buy will dictate the nature of dirt you can dig. Depending on your preferences, select from a few good camping trowel options listed below.

  1. Plastic trowels

They are very affordable, but before rushing to make a purchase, also consider the fact that they are lightweight hence can’t dig on rocky ground or on tree roots.

  1. Titanium trowels

They are somewhat expensive but good quality; they’re five times more expensive than the plastic one and thrice expensive than the aluminum. The good thing is that they’re very light and strong.

  1. Aluminum

Being metallic, it’s very strong and durable hence can dig through hard grounds. It’s fairly cheap but not as much as plastic.

Selection criterion

If you consider the six factors as listed below, you will definitely make the right choice.

  • Since they’re used a few times, they shouldn’t add much weight to your backpack
  • Capacity to dig. Trowels with serrated edges and tips and a nice handle dig best.
  • Get a cheap trowel so long as you don’t compromise on quality and performance.
  • You won’t desire to buy a trowel every time you go hiking, therefore get a lasting trowel.
  • It should be long enough to dig a sufficiently deep hole.
  • While transacting poop business, you will leave your camping trowel on the ground. It should be conspicuous enough not to get lost.

The shopping stores have a variety of a few good camping trowel options, but titanium trowel doesn’t have diverse options, iQiWiz Big Dig trowels are the only common type. Contrary to the popular belief, finding the best trowel isn’t a tough experience. You are empowered to get the best of the best, then hide your shit such that the next camper finds no inappropriate evidence.