How to Test Your Amplifier

You obviously know that installing a pair of subwoofers will improve the quality of sound output in your car audio system. They are excellent at reproducing bass sounds and also low tones. There are some instances that will require you to test you amplifier so as to make sure that it is functioning properly. This article will guide you on the basic steps that you should follow when testing an amplifier

First of all, you will be required to power up your amplifier. You should ensure that the power you are using on your amplifier has the right amount of voltage. In most cases an amplifier designed to be used in a car is powered by about 12volts. You can then connect the power wire to a power source so as to test the amplifier. You will realize that the power light will turn on to proof that the amplifier has a good circuit board.

You should then test your amplifier so as to ensure it produces quality sound. To do this effectively, you need to hook RCA cables or speaker wires to the speaker. The wires should run from the head unit to the speaker. You should then connect the speaker to the output part of the amplifier.

The amplifier is in good condition when it produces high quality of sound. An amplifier gets overloaded when you power on the source and only the power light comes on without sound being produced. You should read this first if you realize that you amplifier has this problem.

You should confirm that all the fuses are well connected for an effective complete circuit. Fuses are made with a plastic body and are coded with distinct colors for easy identification. Consider checking the fuses in situations where the amplifier does not turn on even when connected to the power source. You should also check the inline fuse which comes with a clear or black plastic casing. You should consider replacing it if you realize that the fuse is cracked or corroded.

To calculate the amount of current passing through the amplifier effectively, you are required to use a digital multimeter. You should simply connect the red multimeter probe to its corresponding positive port then switch on the digital multimeter to set measurement dial.

Connect the red probe of the multimeter to a negative port end of the device. You will also need to connect the black probe of the multimeter to the wire you removed from the amplifier for you to see the total current flowing through it.

It is very essential that you use the best quality wires when correcting your amplifier to the speaker. There are only two types of connections used when wiring the speakers. You can either use parallel or series connection. Most people prefer using a parallel connection because of its simplicity. You can decide to go against the masses and use a series connection for your speaker. Basically a series connection involves wiring two or more speakers together. Once all of the speakers are wired together you can now connect the entire set of speakers to a single channel of the amplifier.