Is it Necessary to Pick a Tire Pressure Gauge with ANSI Certification?

Do you have any experience buying an automotive device like a tire pressure gauge?

If yes, chances are you already encountered the term ANSI certification and its importance; but for beginners, here is a short background on why you should consider an ANSI certified tire pressure gauge.

When you look for a tire pressure gauge, people would advise you to choose one that is durable, heavy-duty, it is user-friendly, it features great performance, accuracy, and come at a reasonable price. While these aspects are essential criteria when searching for the tire pressure gauge to buy, you should also check if the product has ANSI certification.

What is ANSI Certification?

ANSI is the acronym for American National Standards Institute. It is a non-profit organization that assesses and oversees the development of voluntary consensus standards for processes, services, products, and personnel in the U.S. Primarily, the role of ANSI is to assure that every product and services in the United States follow these standards.

The ANSI conducts assessments of a company or manufacturer’s products and services. They do tests to assure the company’s products and services comply with ANSI’s accreditation standards. Only companies who accomplished the requirements and attained the organization’s standards will receive a certification.

ANSI’s standards revolve around the consumer’s benefit. Therefore, it is safe to assume that products approved by this organization are high-quality and safe.

Is it Important?

Given the facts above, an automotive device like a tire pressure gauge must be ANSI certified. You can assure that a tire pressure gauge with such a certification has great performance, durable, and accurate. Hence, you can rely on the device.

What is the Best Tire Pressure Gauge with ANSI Certification?

If you are looking for the Best Tire Pressure Gauge whether for personal or professional use, below are the top options this year with ANSI certification.

  1. Vondior

It is an analog-styled tire pressure gauge with heavy build to boot design. It has a measuring range of 0 to 60 PSI, and an accuracy rate of 1% by ANSI; such accuracy rate is pretty high for an affordable and tough-looking tire pressure gauge.

  1. JACO Elite

Another well-known and highly admired tire pressure gauge is from JACO Special Products. The JACO Elite is a great choice for car owners who need a durable and user-friendly analog-style tire pressure gauge.

The device has an accuracy rate of plus or minus 3%. Though its accuracy rate is not as high as the first option, still it is a good accurate to error range for a budget-friendly device. Also, the measurement range of the item is 0 to 60 PSI.


The Rhino is also an ANSI certified tire pressure gauge. It looks simple and easy to read, even in the dark. This device has a higher measurement range compared to the above two. It can measure pressure from 0 to 60 PSI.

More Tips

Looking for the best tire pressure gauge is a bit tricky. You will need all the help you can get to find the best choice out there. Make sure to check out reliable product reviews and comparisons for a good purchase.