Minimalistic Front-Pocket Wallets with RFID Technology

1Front-pocket wallets are becoming more saleable to men because of their benefits. First off, they no longer have to worry about removing their wallets before they sit down or suffer the imbalance back-pocket wallet gives. Second, they also will not cause any wears and tears in the pocket because there is no friction between the pocket and the wallet when sitting down. Additionally, they are also less prone to pickpockets and accidental loss.


However, criminals have become more intelligent and they can already copy the details inside the chips that are installed in credit and ATM cards. That is made possible by using a technology called RFID. Amazingly, some manufacturers have already incorporated RFID blocking systems in their wallets, which should be one of the considerations when buying a front-pocket wallet.


On another note, according to a great post about slim wallets for men, the buyer should also consider front-pocket wallets that have a minimalistic design. Such will be more convenient and comfortable to use. Fortunately, this article will be looking into two front-pocket wallets that meet the two criteria mentioned above.


Lookiss Aluminum Metal Front-Pocket Wallet


This 4.2 ounces and 3.3 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches product comes in six variety of colors namely: black, carbon fiber, dark cyan, gray, kit, and silver. As the name implies, it is constructed using aviation aluminum material that makes the wallet look and feel stylish. The manufacturer has also incorporated 304 stainless steel materials to make the product more durable.


Capacity-wise, the wallet can hold a maximum of 12 cards. What is better is that it has a spring steel-made money clip that can hold bills securely. To add more, the product has webbing that is elastic in nature that contributes to the ability of the product to hold cards efficiently. The best thing about this wallet is that its anti-theft technology has been approved by the US Government FIPS.


Aonal Slim Front-Pocket for Men


This lightweight product has a size dimension of 4 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ x 1/8″ and comes in color black, brown, coffee, crosshatch black, crosshatch gray, and gray. People who will be purchasing this can choose from the two varieties, one with two card slots and another with three card slots. Nonetheless, both models have one window for an ID or picture, a pocket, and a pouch for currencies or bills.

This product’s anti-theft technology has been tested and was found out that it can block RFID penetration to credit, debit, and ID cards, as well as driver’s license that has a 13.56 MHz frequency. Unfortunately, it will not be able to work on ID badges, hotel keycards, and access cards that have a frequency of 125 KHz.


Final Conclusion


Both of the wallets above are great choices for men who want to have a front-pocket wallet that will not look too bulky and feel too heavy. Although the Lookiss Aluminum Metal Front-Pocket Wallet has a better anti-theft technology, the Aonal Slim Front-Pocket can still deliver its function for the most commonly used cards.


The choice will solely depend on the needs of the user, especially when it comes to storage capacity, wherein Lookiss is better. The Aonal, on the other hand, is a better choice for those who do not carry a lot of cards and cash in their pockets.