Motorcycle Gear Up: Must Have Armors that Every beginner Should Have

Gearing up for a safe motorcycle adventure includes wearing reliable motorcycle armor.

What is motorcycle armor?

As defined by the experts, the motorcycle armor is specifically defined to protect the human body from impact caused by vehicular accident. Below is the top motorcycle armor that every beginner should consider wearing when riding big bikes.

1. The Neck Brace and the Race Collars

The neck brace and race collars are important gear for motocross bikers; these armors are often lightweight, but durable enough to protect the neck and the collarbone from any motocross accidents. Other than that, these protective gears are comfortable and convenient to use, this also the reason why several motorcycle racers are also using it.

2. The Elbow, Shoulder, and Knee Armors

Paddings for elbow, shoulder, and knees are another essential gear that can save one’s life during motorcycle race. You may find action jackets with built-in elbow, shoulder, and chest paddings and knee guards sold in the market, but before buying one, make sure to check how durable these armors are.

3. The Back Protector

There are several motorcycle jackets that are designed with built-in elbow and shoulder armors but they often omit adding back protector. Back protector is another essential gear that can reduce the risk of having back injury from motorcycle accident; so, make sure to add back protector on your list.

4. The Chest Protector

Unlike the back protector, the chest protectors are often sold together with motorcycle jackets. These protectors are used to protect the chest from possible injuries caused by motorcycle accidents.

5. Roost Guard

These are also known as jersey protector; it is used as roost deflector, where it blocks the mud, dirt, rocks, and debris. Also, it allows the rider feel comfortable while on the road and helps expand their range of motion.

6. Kidney Belts

Kidney belts are wide elastic band and usually placed at the lower part of the torso. These belts are used to extend the protection, keeping the internal organ safe from shock and damage caused by motorcycle accidents.

7. Protective Shorts, Shirts, Pants, and Vests

You probably wonder why you should bother buying separate protective shorts, shirts, vests, and pants, if you’ve got most of essential armors, as mentioned above; well, accidents can happen anytime when riding motorcycle. These additional protections can reduce injuries and fatal health problems caused by motorcycle miscalculation. So, do not hesitate to complete the gear; all you need to do is find the efficient and durable gear.

8. Sliders and Pucks

Lastly, do not forget to purchase sliders and pucks; these additional protective gears are designed to reduce damage on the knees when lowering the motorcycle while maneuvering.

Final Thoughts

As a motorcycle enthusiast, you should not hesitate to purchase the needed armor to keep oneself safe while on race or adventure. If you check Motorcycle Gear Up, you will find several durable and efficient armors sold in the market today.

So, the next time you try to complete your gear, do not hesitate to purchase motorcycle armor.