Power Wheels Battery Charger

For the parents that have already bought a Fisher Price Power Wheels vehicle, you will realize that at some point you need to buy a separate battery charger. However, the accessories of power batteries differ. They are different, with different levels of quality, different features and they have different compatibility with the battery that you could be using in your vehicle.

When you end up buying the wrong charger then you will be risking the most common problem of your battery not charging your power wheel at all. This will end up damaging your battery and you will not enjoy the value of your money yet you had spent quite a lot on purchasing the charger. So sparing your two minutes to read through this quick guide will help you evade a lot of hassle, time, battery damage that you can prevent and you will definitely end up saving some dollars along the way.

Fast Charge Capability

One of the common nuisances for and most likely for kids who own a power wheels vehicles, is the issue of the long hours that a power needs so be connected to a charger for them to acquire enough charge. For the organized type of kids and parents who anticipate using the power wheels vehicles the next day and charge it overnight,  this is not such an issue to them. For the parents that are not as organized  and always have to deal with an impatient kid that will demand using their power wheels whenever they demand , you might think of buying a recharger that can allow fast charge.

Power wheels battery chargers that charge will boost the power wheels battery power to around 80% in two hours means that even when you forgot to charge your battery in advance, you can still charge it within a few hours and give it to your child. However, don’t be in a hurry of disconnecting your power wheel battery form the charger before it has acquired a full charge. When you disconnect the charging process before the battery acquires a 100% charge, you risk reducing the life of your battery. Nevertheless, this fast charge capability is a useful feature to look for when you are considering buying a new charger, good news is, it does not necessarily increase the price of the charger.

LED Indicator Lights

Power wheels like these Power Wheels made specifically for girls are made with batteries that use lead acid which makes them very susceptible to damage. They tend to deplete their charge capacity and they may end up failing to charge completely when you charge incorrectly. Some factors that affect the performance of this charger are overcharging and undercharging.

Many chargers have no indicators of the power  content so you end up using guess work without being sure if the charge is full or if it is still below 100%. Such can be avoided by buying chargers that have an Led lighting to indicate the events of a full charge, full depleted power, partly charged and when the battery or the connection id faulty. Such chargers are quite handy and they don’t have any extra cost.