Send your Wrinkles Six Feet Under

There’s nothing you can do with your age; it can always go up but can never go down. Your looks will also come with your age; especially in the form of the dreaded wrinkles. Wrinkles add years to your looks and can ruin a ‘perfect’ face. Under-eye wrinkles are an exceptional eyesore! Because of this, several products have been produced to address this problem.

Now, which product should you choose?

It might be a little difficult at first, but Ellis James Designs has some good suggestions that you might want to consider when getting an under-eye primer to make those pesky under-eye wrinkles ‘disappear’ in order to maintain a youthful look. For you, the best primer for wrinkles is the one that should be a big help to you.

1. Bella Terra Eye Primer

Pick this one for your beauty regimen if you want to go natural. Its mineral extracts are skin-friendly and do not contain the usual irritants like alcohol and talc. Smoothening your under-eye wrinkles, it reduces the look of your veins on your face. The only problem is that you have to warm the creamer first to spread it, which is strange. The mixture is waterproof, making it resistant to sweat.

2. Veil Cosmetics Sunset Light 3 in 1 Primer Serum Mixing Base

A 3-in-1 of a primer, this will deter aging and retain your youthful looks thanks to its cinnamon extract and peptides. The white lily extract, a component rarely seen in primers, will brighten up your looks and the light-infused formula will help neutralize skin imperfections. All these come with a price, however: at $45, this is the most expensive item in the list, and the fact that it’s not that easy to find in your local retailers makes this a bit less common find.

3. Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Plus Primer

This primer is for the minimalist. The simple mixture includes the primer that is not greasy, is fast-absorbing and infused with Vitamin B3 and bio-peptides that reduces the lines of your wrinkles; which can outright make your under-eye wrinkles disappear. However, the cream may not be suitable for those with sensitive skin, and there is a tendency for the primer to flake.

4. L’Oreal Studio Secrets Professional Magic Perfecting Base

If you have ‘imperfect’ skin, this primer will help you get closer to a perfect look. The primer reduces small skin imperfections and blemishes, which is a perfect counter for annoying under-eye wrinkles. This is also good under makeup. Since the mixture is silicone-based, those with sensitive skin are advised to take caution.

5. Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eye Shadow Primer

Even if your skin is oily and will surely cause your makeup to ‘move’, this primer can keep the makeup in place, and it can also even out irregular skin tones and is also friendly with your eye shadows. It would also keep your makeup from going in your wrinkles so that they won’t become that obvious.

6. Pure Ziva Velvet Veil Primer

A straightforward primer, the no-nonsense; the paraben-free formula of this primer smoothens your skin to retain your perfect look for the day. This can also be used for oil control or under your makeup. However, the formula is simple, and thus is not expected to penetrate very deep wrinkles.

7. Sheer Cover Base Perfector Primer

This primer is suitable even for the pickiest users; it contains organic vitamins and antioxidants that help your skin get nutrients directly. Also, one is a decent choice for virtually everyone; the primer contains no skin irritants, despite not being able to fill up very deep wrinkles completely. But it can help you retain your makeup well.

Starting at $20, these brands are available in Amazon, which means that you’re never too far away from getting these under-eye wrinkle primers. Ellis James Designs has you in mind, and this and many other reviews and guides await you in their website. With all their good suggestions, in the end, you are the one that will decide the under-eye primer for yourself. Look on their website, see the brands, and get yours now!