SOLIDWORKS 2020: What’s New?

3D printing is an interesting and quite fascinating technology. It allows you to transform images into real tangible objects. Today, various sectors incorporate 3D printing in their products and processes. Examples of industries that use this cutting-edge technology are automotive, engineering, medical and healthcare, architecture, construction, and education.

Aside from purchasing a 3D printer, one thing you need to have to get started is a 3D printing and modeling software.

When it comes to 3D printing software, Solidworks is one of the dominating names in the CAD market. Over the years, Solidworks introduced various software versions for 3D modeling and printing, wherein each one target specific market segment. And one of their newly launched software is the Solidworks 2020, which is geared towards intermediate and professional 3D printing market.

What is SolidworksPremium 2020? 

The past models of Solidworks software earned both good reviews and criticisms from buyers. Last year, the company introduced a new version of 3D modeling software, the Solidworks Premium 2020, which answers the shortcomings of its former series.

The Solidworks Premium 2020 covers the standard and old features of former Solidworks models. The software allows you to create advanced and challenging designs. Moreover, it has a great level of accuracy and the ability to provide detailed curvatures. These features are what make Solidworks appealing to intermediate and advanced designers.

What’s New? 

Although some of the software’s features follow the older models, it has many things to offer. Below are the new features you can enjoy with this software.

  • Improved performance

 The Solidworks Premium 2020 features improved performance in drawings, assemblies, and simulation, to help you create better projects. Moreover, this new feature of the software significantly optimizes assembly performance by speeding up the designing process, as well as the validation of analysis.

Therefore, with Solidworks Premium 2020, you can open large drawings in seconds, and get a real-time display. Moreover, you can use lightweight drawings without converting them to the current version. As a result, you can do more projects in a shorter period with this version.

  • Optimized Sketching for Advanced Projects

The software allows G3 continuity by applying torsional continuity constraints between splines and 2D sketches. Moreover, this new capability allows you to create various sketches such as spline, arc, elliptical arc, conic, and model edges, from linear, circular, conic, parabolic, spline-based, and elliptical.

  • New Analysis Tool, Body Compare

The new analysis tool of Solidworks 2020 makes it possible to compare two groups of bodies that are parts of the same assembly. This feature allows you to compare the models and spot differences. Hence, it will be faster and easier to scan parts of the bodies that don’t match. In this manner, you can assure there are no errors in the display.

More Thoughts

Indeed, Solidworks vastly improved this year to help individuals create high-quality projects. Though this software is great, beginners might find it quite tough to tackle. If you are new to 3D modeling, click to find out more amazing 3D printing software that is suitable for your level.

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