Three Important Criterions in Choosing the Best Anti-Fatigue Mat

An anti-fatigue mat is different from regular carpets and floor covers. It is designed to reduce stress, exhaustion, pain, and fatigue caused by prolonged standing on hard surfaces. Moreover, it eases discomfort caused by standing at one position for long hours. Thus, if you suffer from sore feet, knees, legs and back pains, what you need is the best anti-fatigue mat.

Know that there are several brands of anti-fatigue mats in the market this year. The rising demand for this home accessory has doubled over the past years. For this reason, various mat manufacturers took this opportunity to create their own anti-fatigue mat.

Each anti-fatigue mat brands differ in features, quality, and aesthetics. If you are planning to get one this month or within the year, it is important to decide first what you prefer in an anti-fatigue mat. Now, if you need help deciding what anti-fatigue mat is best, here are some tips to follow.

Know the Different Types of Anti-Fatigue Mats

One of the most important features of an anti-fatigue mat is its ability to provide comfort. The materials which an anti-fatigue is made from makes a difference in comfort it can offer. There are mainly three types of anti-fatigue mats; foam, foam rubber and hard rubber. Among these options, the foam is the most comfortable, however, less durable. But if you are searching for both comfort and durability, choose a foam rubber. Although hard rubber is the best in terms of durability, it provides little comfort.

Check out the Structural Design

An anti-fatigue mat’s structural design affects the comfort it can deliver. Here is the various type of anti-fatigue mat structural design that you might encounter.

1.    SHA Certified Anti-Fatigue Mats with Yellow Striped Borders- This feature allows you to clearly see the mats for safety.
2.    Textured Mats- The rougher texture of this mat is slip resistant. It gives you a better foot grip and avoids potential accidents due to wet mats.
3.    Beveled Borders- The raised borders of this anti-fatigue mat is easier to see. The purpose of beveled borders is to avoid tripping and similar accidents.

Additional Features

Every anti-fatigue mats in the market have unique features. Checking out additional features of mats is an important criterion in choosing the best product in the market. To give you some info on what features to look for, here is a short list of some fantastic anti-fatigue mat feature.

1.    Resistant to Chemicals- There are anti-fatigue mats designed to offer protection against hazardous chemicals. If you are searching a mat for your workplace, this one is an ideal option.
2.    Resistant to Stain- If you have kids at home, a stain resistant mat is what you need. This type of mat is low maintenance and prevents spread of stain.
3.    Features Drainage Technology- This type of anti-fatigue mat has drainage holes.

The purpose of this mat is to drain liquids that may cause slipping.

There are countless of anti-fatigue mats out there. All you have to do is choose wisely to get the best anti-fatigue mat. Likewise, ask help from review sites to learn more about this product.