Tips on How to Achieve Minimal to Zero Grammatical Errors

Is it possible to achieve flawless grammar when writing essays? The answer is yes! What you need to do to write an error-free essay is written right here.

Honestly, writing an essay with above 1,000 words with zero mistakes is impossible. Even professionals and native English speakers sometimes commit grammatical errors when writing essays. However, there are ways wherein you can improve your writing skills and minimize grammar mistakes. Below are some of the tips that’ll help enhance your English writing skills and achieve an error-free essay.

#1 Spell and Grammar Checkers

Notice the blue and sometimes red line under the sentence, phrases, or words you have written. It is the so-called spelling and grammar checker of MS Word. The function of this feature is to correct your grammar mistakes. Also, it helps point out typographical errors and spelling errors.

Likewise, you will find online sources that provide grammar check services. Check this reliable and efficient spelling and grammar checker online, Sentencecheckup. The latter is easy to use and has awesome features for free.

While these spelling and grammar checkers are a great lifesaver, especially for non-native English speakers, solely relying on these tools is a big no. It is best to improve your writing skills and grammar for a higher quality output. Also, these tools sometimes overlook errors.

#2 Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

There’s nothing more effective in assuring no grammar mistakes on your essay than proofreading. As much as possible, proofread your work thrice for assurance in case you missed critical errors.

Here is a tip when proofreading your work. After going over your paper once, take a break for at least five minutes. The pause in between each proofreading allows you to recognize mistakes you’ve overlooked. Also, some professionals suggest proofreading from the bottom of your paper going up. Though it is awkward, it is quite effective in spotting errors.

Having someone proofread your work is another option. A fresh set of eyes could easily spot errors you’ve missed. However, make sure to ask for help from a person with good English writing skills. You can ask a trusted friend or family member to see if there are any mistakes on your paper. Also, you may hire a trusted editor to do the job for you.

#3 List Your Mistakes 

One way to avoid common grammar and spelling mistakes is to have them written. Make a list of the words you can’t remember and the grammar errors you usually commit. Go over your list and correct them by learning.

#4 Use a Dictionary

Don’t hesitate to use a dictionary to check the meaning and spelling of an unfamiliar word. It is easy to obtain a dictionary nowadays. You no longer have to carry a physical dictionary all the time. You can download dictionary apps on your phone from app stores.

#5 Avoid Rushing When Writing

Writing essays requires concentration and time. Thus, rushing is never a good idea. Rushing through a writing project causes more mistakes. And more errors equals a longer time of proofreading.

Before writing, think of what you want to write and organize your ideas. After doing so, write them down. Lastly, proofread your work to spot mistakes.