Understanding Brendan Mace’s Project Profit Academy

Project Profit Academy is now getting attention; it is a training program that was created by Brendan Mace (one of the creators of Aurora software that automates $1,000 commissions with Jono Armstrong).

But what is Project Profit Academy?

As mentioned, PPA or Project Profit Academy is a training course that teaches about affiliate marketing and how to be successful with it; particularly, focusing on landing pages and list building. Moreover, the program focuses on replicating a steady $10 thousand per month online business through informative product creation, launching, list building, and affiliate marketing promos.

PPA isn’t programmed for beginners, individuals who are starting to know about affiliating marketing, internet marketing, and making money through online. PPA won’t be teaching you about SEO (search engine optimization), affiliating marketing, keywords, and few niches.

To fully understand Project Profit Academy, it is time to go deeper into the program; you can also check this review of Project Profit Academy from Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrong to get additional details about the program.

PPA has five main sections, namely:

  • Affiliate Academy
  • The Launch Academy
  • Done for you funnels
  • License to use his campaigns
  • Access to past and future products from Brendan

Affiliate Academy

In this program, Brendan Mace will explain about affiliate marketing and how to promote other people’s product. Also, this section is focused on how purchasing of traffic works – while most of the web-owner aims for free traffic for high-stake conversion with little risk, numerous individuals who know how affiliate marketing works, understands that paid traffic is certainly a money maker.

Launch Academy

In this section, everything becomes interesting. You’ll learn about how product launching becomes successful. Here are a few things you’ll learn in this section:

  • How to create a course
  • Creating sales pages
  • Upselling
  • Down selling
  • Promoting the product
  • Contest

Done for you funnels

Done for you profit funnel is a program or system that will help you transfer all the traffic to your sales funnel – more like an autopilot for monthly commissions.

Brendan Mace will thoroughly explain that PPA will let you earn fat commissions without having to create your product, without the need to write emails, or do funnel-related work – a definite one for you profit funnels.

Don’t worry; if you are confused, you’ll get the right help and coaching sessions about how the system works. Plus, there’s a live webinar that gives you the chance to ask and get answers directly from Brendan Mace himself or his trusted team.

Is this legit?

There are no shortcuts to money. Although Brendan Mace is giving the impression that in PPA, any interested individuals will earn $10 thousand per month so easily, you have to know about affiliate marketing and how things work; this is one of the reasons why Project Profit Academy is not recommended to beginners. Nonetheless, it is legit.

If you need additional details try to visit Online Marketing Software’s website. Moreover, do not hesitate to read reliable reviews about PPA to fully understand how this thing works.