Understanding Copper Compression Clothing for Pain Relief

Copper? In clothes? For pain Relief? How, you may ask. Well, I did wonder the same way the first time I heard about all this pain relieving clothes. Believe it, it is true. There are shirts, socks, workout gear and so on, for both men and women. These garments are worn to help ease the pain in the body after either work out or surgical procedures. You can read on and learn more about copper compression shirts and other garments.

Let us understand more about this metal called copper. Copper is one of the first metals that were ever discovered by humans. In those early days it was used to make jewelry, utensils, weapons and tools. Among early records, it was recorded that copper was used to sterilize drinking water and clean chest wounds. So this metal has been around long before any of us was.

Copper and life

Copper is present in the body as in trace amounts. Some of its essential functions in the body are:

  • supporting nerve function
  • skin pigmentation
  • enhancing energy production
  • helping in the use of iron

It also helps keep immune system, bones and blood vessels healthy as well as aiding in absorption. Some of the sources of copper in foods include: whole grain, potatoes, kidney, liver, shellfish and nuts. Other sources are dark green vegetables, cocoa, dried fruits, black pepper and yeast.

With that glimpse of knowledge about copper, let us look at it when incorporated in garments. The manufacturers of these copper compression clothes claim that they help maintain leg power after endurance, help in post-exercise recovery and increase running performance. They also continue to say that the clothes improve future performance when worn after a marathon and help relieve pain from surgery or arthritis.


When in need of enhancing your performance in athletics, compression clothing is a great way to go and it’s legal. These compressed fabrics are quite advantageous especially with the rise of technology. They have been infused with nutrients and various elements for maximum performance. When in contact with the skin, they help the body in speedy recovery and less inflammation. According to the manufactures and those that have used these copper infused garments, there is reduced swelling and less pain for athletes after training therefore they are more productive during the training sessions and performance is better.

Compression shorts, leggings and shirts work in a way that they put slight pressure on the skin to stimulate flow of blood to the joints and muscles. Worn during recuperation for surgery patients will help with the pain and recovery time. Infusing healing compounds and nutrients to the compression clothes is even more advantageous. This is healing in style!

As per the manufacturing companies, they have further been infused with natural elements that produce far-infrared therapy. With all the other benefits of the compressions garments, they regenerate overworked tissue and regulate your temperature.

On the down side, this apparel may not work as fast as you’d want.