What are the Features of Baitcasting Reel that You are Looking For?

When we speak of a baitcasting reel, usually beginners have no idea how and where it is being used, especially if they are not fond of fishing. But, if you love fishing, then surely you will love to use baitcasting reel as the best fishing instrument to catch your favorite big fish. Why did they love to use baitcasting reel? That is because it is one of the important tools that help the fishermen to use different techniques and style in order to catch big fish. If you are a beginner, you will just need a little practice on this baitcasting reel in order to master on how to use it and surely you will be amazed at how it works. Compared to a spinning reel, they are just easy to use and requires little practice to master. That is why also baitcasting reel is mostly used by professionals and even beginners over the spinning reel.

In choosing the best baitcasting reel, what are the features that you should look for it? In this article, you will find the best guide on the features of baitcasting reel that you should look for. Also, these features can help you determine which baitcasting reel is best for you based on your fishing styles and techniques. These features are:

Gear Ratio – This is where the baitcasting reel controls the number of total spool rotation in every one turn of the handle. It also determines the rate of speed where you can retrieve your line. There are 2-speed features for baitcasting reel, that is high and low speed.  As a fisherman, you should know how to use the speed of your baitcasting reel. Take note that the higher the ratio, there is a risk of losing the cranking power, while the lower speed ratio reels have cranks better to the heavy fish, but only slow in speed. You should know how to adjust your gear ratio based on fishing your goals.

Spool Size – This is the basic parts of all kinds of fishing reel where the lines are being held or rounded on it. If the spool size is large, and in high quality, it will give a big advantage to the fishing lines because it will hold it well. The trend now is the braidy ready feature of a spool just in case you will need of it. It is said that is is easy to use braid fishing lines because it slips automatically. In buying your baitcasting reel, you should consider checking out spool size too.

Frame – There are two shapes that a baitcasting reel have, that is the round shape and the low-profile shape. As a buyer, you should be comfortable on which frame you will use. Either be the round shape or the low-profile shape, it is important also to choose the quality of materials. There are three options for the frame, the metal, graphite, and the high-grade aluminum. There are differences between these three. The metal frames are heavy and easy to catch rust but it will last on a long time of use while the graphite can be twisted on heavy pressure and binding the gears, but it cannot lasts longer as the metal did. The high-grade aluminum offers all options, lightweight material, lasts longer, but having an expensive price. So, it will depend upon your budget if what is your choice.

These are just the basic examples of the main parts and features of a baitcasting reel. If you want to check out more features and guides, see them for yourself. This guide is very helpful for you to determine which baitcasting reel is perfect for your fishing needs.