When to Use Monoprice Select Mini V2 3D Printer

Who is Monoprice?

Chances are you might have heard or seen Monoprice brand when you were looking for an electronic appliance or accessory. Monoprice is a company established in 2002 that centers on manufacturing electronic devices and accessories from cables, home entertainment equipment, to musical instruments. For 18 years, Monoprice was able to build a stellar reputation in the industry. They became well-known because of their product excellence and customer service. Because of this, Monoprice penetrated the worldwide market with great acceptance from global customers.

Monoprice widened their horizon in the past years. If this brand is commonly associated with electronic devices, the company took the world by storm when they first released their version of the 3D printer; the Monoprice Select Mini V2 3D printing machine.

The Monoprice Mini 3D Printer

The 3D printing industry is incessantly growing, which is attractive to business owners. Thus, it is not surprising that many electronic companies, like Monoprice, became interested in this technology.

Many small businesses and even hobbyists want to delve into 3D printing. Unfortunately, the machine alone is quite expensive, particularly professional-grade models. That is the reason why Monoprice introduced the Select MINI V2 3D printer.

This 3D printer became popular in the market in a short period. The machine’s build, features, performance, and low price are the primary reasons why it captured the interest of many buyers.

The Mini V2 3D printer is by far one of the most affordable options in the market. Although it is a lot cheaper compared to other brands, this model has great quality and performance. Among its many admirable features are as follows:

  • Sturdy build
  • Good printing quality
  • Insulated printing bed to boost adhesion and prevent warping
  • Special pad for adhesion and quality printing
  • Internal cooling fan to prevent overheating
  • Easy to operate
  • Factory calibrated and assembled

When to Use Monoprice Mini 3D Printer

Take note that Monoprice V2 is a mini printer. Therefore, it does not apply to all types of projects. This particular 3D printer is best for smaller projects, such as gift customization, creating small motor parts, and medical equipment. If you are planning to work on larger projects, you can choose other alternatives that are more suitable for its size, which you could check here.

If you are a beginner, the Monoprice Mini 3D printer is also a great option. It is easy to understand and operate. Also, it is a good practice machine if you have ideas of going into the 3D printing business.

Since this 3D printer is smaller compared to professional-grade models, it will not occupy a lot of working space. Thus, if you have a limited working area, this option is a good bet.

Additional Advice

Although Monoprice V2 is a high-quality printer, it does have some flaws. For instance, beginners might find it difficult to figure out how to set the ideal settings for certain projects. Moreover, it doesn’t come with a filament. Hence, buyers must place a separate order for it.

Is Monoprice Select Mini V2 3D printer the right one for you?

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