Embracing water sports after physical injury… focus on kayaking

water sportsWater sports has been my favorite pass time activity for many years. I have been interchangeably participating in various kinds of water sports including surfing, swimming, sailing, boating, deep diving, water skiing, and of late kayaking is my favorite water sporting activity.

I love water sporting activities due to several factors. For starters I love working out, I have always loved physical exercise and working out my body. During my time in school I participated in all kinds of sporting activities and in high school and college I was an active football player. Towards the end of college I however suffered a terrible injury to my knee that prevented me from continuing with my regular physical exercises.

After the injury, the doctors advised me not to continue with any activities that involved any hard resistance especially to my knee. As such, all sports that included running were out for me. This is what drove me into water sports.

I started with swimming which was a great alternative sporting activity that would not cause me any physical harm and was in fact more beneficial since it helped me work more of my body muscles

With time, I started venturing into the other water sports. This was especially whenever I visited recreational places such as beaches. The water activities helped me exercise my athleticism without risking injury.

Of late I have been doing a lot of kayaking. I was introduced to kayaking by a friend who took me fishing in Canada. Since we would be navigating some complex channels that were sometimes very narrow and at times quite shallow, it was important that we use kayaks. We hired some two old town vapor kayaks that are specially designed for fishing and are designed such that they are suitable for beginners such as I was.

I quickly mastered the necessary kayaking skills and I fell in love with the vessel. I loved how easy it was to navigate and the complete control one had over the vessel.

After the visit, I started visiting kayaking recreation sites where I learned more about kayaks and experimented with different kinds of kayaks. I also tried out different kayaking activities such as sea touring and white water kayaking.

White water kayaking appealed to me greatly since I love any sport that involves some adrenalin rush. I even joined a club of white water kayakers and we occasionally plan and have an event where we tackle different rough water challenges.

As my interest increased in kayaks, I bought my own personal kayak. I needed a kayak that I could use whenever I wanted and at any place. I wanted a kayak that I could travel around with. I therefore bought a Sea Eagle inflatable kayak. I like the kayak because it is quite portable unlike the hard side kayaks.

Once I deflate the kayak I can fold and pack the kayak into a sizeable bag which I can easily carry around. An inflatable kayak is also quite light as compared to other kayak models.