Fishing: A look at kayaks used for fishing & the available different types

Kayak fishing 5Fishing is an activity that has been resent among human for a long time. This is especially the case for communities that lived close to water bodies that were inhabited by fish. Fish is a great source of protein and energy and many communities living to fish sources quickly made it a staple food due to its tasty appeal and its dependability.

Fish sources in many water bodies such as in land lakes provide a steady supply of fish all year round. One can even fish during winter. It can however be tricky to fish in open seas, oceans and rivers where the fish might migrate depending on the season and their food supply.

Fishing on open water bodies often requires one to venture inwards into the water in search of fish which will usually prefer staying in different places at different times. Many times fish will flee from areas with any disturbances such as moving water vessels, predators, noise, and fishermen.

To get to the fish that is hiding deep in the water bodies, man has crafted different types of water vessels to get to the fish. For the angler, the best type of fishing vessel is a quiet small vessel that will not disturb and chase off the fish. An excellent example of such a vessel is the kayak.

The kayak is a water vessel that was specifically designed for hunting marine wildlife including whales, seals, and fish. The Inuit people made the first kayaks and their emphasis was on making a vessel that was light and easy to navigate while hunting. The kayak is a fast agile and silent water craft (Fish will often confuse an oncoming kayak with a drifting log).

Today people are widely using kayaks as fishing vessels hugely for the same reasons of speed, agility, and subtlety. The modern fishing kayaks are however advanced in terms of their design. Today the kayaks have specialized features that make them better suited for fishing.

There are different designs of modern fishing kayaks with a major difference being the type of material used to build the kayak. The main structural differences of modern fishing kayaks is that there are some kayaks that are built with a solid hard material while some of the modern fishing kayaks are built with an elastic material that can be inflated to form the kayak.

Hard side kayaks are normally preferred due to their durability especially in rough water. They are also faster and easier to navigate. They are however heavy and bulky making them cumbersome to carry from one point to another. Due to their durable hard material, they are also pricey.

Inflatable fishing kayaks are on the other hand much cheaper due to their cheaper surface material. Some inflatable kayaks are built to be quite tough and some can tackle rough waters but they are not as tough as hard side kayaks and are ultimately not a durable. They are however quite easy to carry around due to their light weight and their small size when deflated and folded.