From a modern day hermit to finding love and companionship in a kayaking partner

kayaking partnerLife in the modern age is quite a paradox.  Technology and other developments have contributed to making the world a small village due to the easy and fast interaction between people across the world especially due to phones, the internet, and social media. People are now able to move faster from one point to another and communication is instant.

However, despite all these advancements that are apparently geared to making people socialize more, somehow people are becoming more and more reclusive and becoming lone wolfs.

I was for a long time such a person. It is not that I am not a sociable person, I am actually quite easy interacting with people and I can be quite fun to be around. However, my lifestyle had slowly made a hermit out of me.

Like many people in today’s age who work strict 9-5 jobs, I simply did not have much time for other social activities. My situation was made worse due to the fact that I love my job very much and it was my number one focus each day. As such, I would work late and many times work over the weekends too. Whenever I was not in the office, I would still be thinking about my job.

I was not being forced into the lifestyle, but rather my zeal for my job and my aspirations for career advancement were slowly making me a loner. I simply did not have time or maybe I was not overly interested to call, text, or even chat with friends and family.

My lifestyle made me the perfect modern day hermit and at the age of thirty seven I did not have a date let alone a girlfriend nor a wife. My job was the love of my life.

This was however changed when the company I work for decided to take us for a weekend treat to a beachside resort where we were to do some kayaking as a team building effort.

During the activity we were randomly paired. Each kayak was to be shared by a lady and a man in tandem. There were some brightly colored Sea Eagle 370 kayaks and I happened to be paired with a lovely lady from a different department whom I had spotted severally in the office corridors but had never spoken to.

The lady I was chosen to kayak with was quite scared of the prospect of kayaking and I had to encourage her… which was the aim of team building anyway.

I had some little experience with kayaking which I had gathered in college when I had gone on a camping and kayaking trip with some college mates. That time we had each had a sleek dolphin Aruba kayak but I quickly realized that I was still quite adept with the sea eagle.

With my little experience, the lady looked up to me like I was an experienced professional. I did not let her down and proudly helped her settle and finally comfortably relax into the paddling.

As we paddled with her I was able to have a great conversation with her. At first it was just team building for me but soon I realized that she was a very good conversational mate. After the kayaking, I continued in her company and eventually after the trip I asked her for a date.

After that, I did not have to ever spend a weekend alone.

After a few months and a wedding, I never had to spend another night alone.