The Origins of fishing and the modern day kayak fishing

Origins of fishingFishing is an activity that is originally and basically all about the search for food. Fish has been a basic source of food for many communities around the world and many communities have come up with different ways of hunting for the fish which is commonly known as fishing.

The Inuit people of Greenland live in an environment that is very cold and many times their main source of food comes from the seas. The seas provide some great sources of food from seals, whales, and… you guessed right fish. To be able to get the food from the water, the Inuit had to come up with very well designed water vessels that could be easily maneuvered in the icy waters. Their solution to this problem was the kayak.

The kayak is a light small vessel that is basically designed for hunting and the name kayak means the hunter’s boat. It is a vessel meant for one pilot and it is designed such that it can be used in very rough water conditions and it can be used to access some very formidable places such as very narrow water channels and places where the water is very shallow.

Today kayaks are still being used for fishing although the designs of fishing kayaks have been greatly improved to make fishing kayaks more suitable for the angler. For example, an angler’s kayak is today usually fitted with some of the essential equipment that is necessary for fishing. They are usually built with more storage space for the harvested fish and better sitting or standing facilities for the angler.

Modern fishing kayaks are designed with a broader base to allow for more initial stability that is essential when fishing – especially when the angler is standing. To prevent the kayak from moving around or from being drifted away by the current, some of the modern fishing kayaks come together with an anchor trolley system.

Kayaks are favored by many modern anglers who want to fish alone. Fishing alone using other vessels can be quite tough especially since some vessels need more than one person to navigate them efficiently. With a kayak, a single person can comfortably manage the kayak and thus one can go to the waters all alone and enjoy some quite solitary fishing time.

There are however some kayaks that are designed to carry more than one pilot. They are known as tandem kayaks. In these kayaks two or three people can sit one in front of the other.  As such, there are kayaks that can be used when you want some company when fishing. These are good for couples or family expeditions.

Kayaks are also good for solo fishing because they are light and they are not very bulky. A kayak can be carried by one person from one point to another. Therefore, when going to fish one does not need the help of other people to help in carrying the kayak to and from a water body. Some kayaks are very portable such as the inflatable kayak and foldable kayaks.