Vacation: Travelling to Croatia to enjoy water attractions

Travelling to CroatiaVacation time is a great time that I wait for with great anticipation every year. I live in the same township with my family members and I am able to be with them all year round and so I am able to dedicate my vacation purely to travel. Some people however have to juggle their vacation time between visiting family and other passions.

Every year since I was twenty one and had a steady job with a good salary, I have been able to travel to off shore destinations. My goal is to be able to travel the world as much as possible. Last year was my seventh year and I had decided that on that vacation I would focus on water activities.

My vacations usually have a central theme which I try to stick to. I have had a safari themed vacation where I travelled to Kenya and spent time on the Maasai Mara watching wildlife on the wild savannah, I had a vacation in the Amazon where I toured the jungle, I had a safari where I visited the orients and strictly explored the orient cultures, I had a sightseeing vacation in Greece and Italy, I visited the religious destinations of Jerusalem and Palestine, and I had a vacation to the modern romantic city of Paris.

Last year I decided to visit Croatia and do nothing but tour all the beaches, water ways, seas, rivers, and any related attractions. Choosing a destination for sea and water attractions was difficult but I chose Croatia due to the many attractions that I would be able to enjoy in the single destination.

One of the main things that I really got to enjoy while on last year’s vacation was kayaking. Somehow, in all my previous years I had not managed to experience kayaking. I had always postponed my first experience maybe because I was not too sure about my boating skills.

When we were in Croatia it was however essential that I do some kayaking if I was to get to enjoy my vacation to the full and get the best of the attractions in the beautiful country. Luckily we were introduced to kayaking in some sit on top inflatable kayaks that were very easy to use for beginners. We were also able to learn the basics of kayaking in relatively calm waters and so we were able to quickly gain courage.

Amongst the numerous trips around the country to marine and inland water attraction sites, we were able to enjoy some activities such as water sports, sightseeing, photography and birdwatching.

We were also taken to a beautiful cove around some magnificent hills where we were taught how to fish from a kayak. I was so green about fishing that I did not know anything about the fishing gear, such as the tackle, the reels, nor the rod.

However with some guidance I was able to get some grip on how to do it and much to my surprise I was able to catch a fish, albeit a small one which I had to throw back into the water.